Dual Voltage Motor Diagram Wiring

Dual Voltage Motor Diagram Wiring - i have a friend who has an older powersonic dust collector that is a dual voltage listed on the nameplate as 110 220vac it is currently hooked up to run on 110vac there is no paperwork at all but a nonsense wire diagram behind the cover that shows wire or terminal numbers but the wires terminals are not numbered see pics if we take a look at electric motor nameplate we can see the several important information and specification about electric motor this time i want explain about dual voltage for power supply it is like a simple thing and not so important but if we make a mistake about electric motor voltage power supply it can cause the span class news dt jun 02 2008 span nbsp 0183 32 i have a sebastian lathe with what i originally thought was a three phase motor after cleaning the wiring up i believe it is a single phase dual voltage motor i have six leads three yellow three black there.
are three pairs i was able to identify using an ohmmeter no labels or typically these motors don t permit a wye start with delta run you can usually wire them only for a delta start but there are exceptions iec motors for ex le for the wye start dual voltage nine lead motor on the lower voltage connect 1 and 7 to l1 2 and 8 to l2 and 3 and 9 to l3 connect the remaining leads 4 5 and 6 together electric motor wire marking connections for specific leeson motor connections go to their website and input the leeson catalog in the review box you will find connection data dimensions name plate data etc leeson single phase connections three phase see below single voltage other wiring diagrams available accessory connection connection diagram 11658 344137 416280 wye start delta run connection single voltage 108323 single phase dual voltage 6 lead ccw rotation 108324 single phase single voltage.
4 lead ccw rotation single three phase blower connection diagrams thermally protected once you ve gained access to the terminal plate and have studied the motor wiring diagram you may begin the process of wiring the motor while the exact details will depend on the way your dual voltage motor has been wired generally you will need to use either a screwdriver or your hands to disconnect specific wires from the power terminal or from wire nuts

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